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Sovegna vos:
Sovenga is pronounced so-vain-y.

Why Sovegna?

At Sovegna, we believe in an integrated, multidisciplinary care approach to healing. We focus on innovative recovery medicine, integrative psychiatry, skilled therapy, restorative nutrition, and meditative movement that are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused. This holistic integration leads to an innovated life.

Be mindful
Sovegna vos is an old Italian term used in T.S. Eliot's poem, Ash Wednesdayas a tribute to the description of transformation in Dante's Purgatorio.

We are here for you...
Sovegna provides an innovative outpatient treatment program for recovery - which we define as "recovery from anything". We are all broken - in one way or another - until we are in recovery. When medically appropriate, we provide outpatient detox. We are trauma-informed and resiliency focused - what we coined as TIRF - and know how critical these skills are for sustained recovery. Our goal is to see our clients recover and flourish.

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