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A very important component of recovery is creating or re-creating relationships. Healthy and genuine relationships become the safety net for creating a life of abundance and includes cultivating the same kind of a relationship with ourselves.


Every addictive process leads us away from ourselves and others, which becomes the avoidance of self and the hiding that harms. Our recovery programs integrate the essential  multifaceted principle of connection.



Peer Recovery Groups (PRG) are a key component of evidence-based treatment of addiction and other mental illnesses. At Sovegna, groups are facilitated by a clinical therapist who maintains the focus on group process.  


These are open-ended group, which means that a person may join into the selected group at any point. We encourage selecting and committing to one group that works best with your schedule. This allows for the best opportunity to cultivate peer connection and maintain a safe environment for vulnerable expression and healing.  

  • Peer groups help to identify thinking errors and ineffective behavioral responses to both the thinking errors and/or emotional experiences. These groups also support pro-recovery behaviors that result from raising awareness to thoughts and emotions. 

  • The group leader is a therapist or physician who will facilitate themes, discussion and group process work. 


The objective of PRGs is to create a micro-culture of recovery within the group. As the effect of this strengthens within both the group and the individual, the principles and support gleaned from practice within the group sessions can naturally carry forward into other areas of daily living.