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Group therapy is a very important component of long term recovery: Connection with others is grounding and vital for survival. Healthy, honest, and genuine relationships form a safety net that fortifies against relapse AND enhance our experiences of life. By learning how to trust others, we also learn to trust ourselves, which often deepens trust spiritually.

Addiction is the avoidance of self and the hiding
that harms.
             - Susie Wiet, MD

Our therapy groups emphasize the essential skills for forming and maintaining genuine connection. We offer both gender-specific and co-gender groups.


Group therapy is a robust part of treatment that builds resiliency. Group therapy is evidence-based for recovery from addiction and/or traumatic life experiences. Often, trauma is a pivotal therapeutic concern that has given rise to addiction and/or caused trust in the connection with others and ourselves to deteriorate.

Our groups at Sovegna are facilitated by one of our seasoned clinical therapists. We aim to cultivate group-support and emotional accountability, along with compassion for self and others.  

These are open-ended groups, which means that a person may join into the selected group at any point. 

Both co-ed and gender-specific groups are available weekly.

We encourage starting with one group that works best with your schedule. This allows for the best opportunity to cultivate connection and maintain an emotionally safe environment for vulnerable expression and healing.  
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