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Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga continue to flourish as modalities for healing and maintaining wellness of the mind-body-spirit.

We recognize the importance of becoming familiar with, developing, and integrating a practice that allows for grounding, the foundation of healing. The effects of routine practice of these ancient states of flow will influence and gradually heal the intertwining neurobiological pathways associated with stress and addiction.

With continued daily practice, the mind and body are rejuvenated through the rebalancing (homeostasis) of the neurological, hormone, and immune systems (neuroendoimmune system). The collective influence of these systems is known as the chakras. As we find balance within ourselves - through allowing the interplay between awareness, emotions, and effective response – we also find ourselves in a state of grace and open to

ultimate healing.


These practices can be used for centering or grounding exercises to prepare for prayer of any faith.

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