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Pro-recovery nutrition is essential for wellness and sustained recovery. Targeted and well-designed nutrition can restore the body and dramatically reduce symptoms of withdrawal and craving. Maintaining nutrition that is personalized for an individual's needs aids with sustained recovery.


Nutrition provides the building blocks for physical and mental health. Morsels of healthy foods lay the pathway for the complex functions of metabolism (how the body functions) at the cellular level. 


Wholesome nutrition is fundamental for easing symptoms during the early stages of withdrawal from addictive substances. It

also helps sustain long-term recovery and is a primary tool for long-term health of the mind, body, and spirit. Targeted nutrition allows for restoration of nutrient storage that is typically depleted by most forms of addiction and many medications. By restoring essential nutrients, the early stages of post-acute detox can be minimized.


Individualized nutritional assessment allows for creating an effective, fun, interesting, nutrition plan. The right foods, nutrients, and amino acid therapy are key for restoring health and promote long-term recovery, mental clarity, and physical stamina.

Clients receiving care through one of our programs may schedule a consultation with our seasoned, recovery-focused nutritionist. Family members are welcome.


Clients enrolled in the professional's Intensive Recovery Program will have integrated nutrition as part of the curriculum.

Call 385-429-9808 or email

to schedule an appointment for yourself or a group.

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