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Adult and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Addiction Medicine and Traumatologist

Medical Director: Intensive Outpatient Program of Sovegna (IOPS) and Clinic for Recovery (C4R) 


Dr. Wiet is an integrative developmental psychiatrist with expertise in holistic treatment of trauma-addiction-recovery, dual diagnosis, and complex psychiatric disorders. She synthesizes functional medicine principles, honed therapeutic skills, and allopathic medical training to provide comprehensive treatment for optimal healing and conservative use of medication. For nearly twenty years, she has worked with clients who have histories of addiction and/or trauma. During that time, she has developed expertise in neurobiology of trauma giving rise to addiction, and served several robust roles as a medical director. After realizing that professionals with addiction had an unmet need for a higher level of care in their community, it was Dr. Wiet's vision, dedication, and direction that brought Sovegna to fruition.

Dr. Wiet also has a private psychiatry practice. For more information, click here:


Internal Medicine 


Medical Provider: Clinic for Recovery (C4R) 

Dr. Walsh is trained in internal medicine and addiction medicine. He has a passion for assisting patients toward a full recovery, while ensuring that patients with addiction receive the comprehensive medical care they need. Dr. Walsh provides care for patients in the medication-assisted recovery (MAR) Clinic for Recovery (C4R). This clinic treats all addictions equally, including substance (alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines) and process addictions (gambling, food, sex).



Program Director of Therapy Intensive Outpatient Program

of Sovegna (IOPS) 

Kim Forsythe has been providing mental health therapy for over 20 years to individuals (all ages), couples, and families struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health challenges. She is well versed in identifying the developmental underpinnings that are often associated with both addiction and mental health issues. She strives to help those she serves to engage in more meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives through the use of personalized and integrative therapeutic modalities. Some of the treatment modalities that Kim utilizes includes variations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Client-Centered therapy.


Clinical Director of Therapy Intensive Outpatient Program

of Sovegna (IOPS) 

Sheri Wiiliams has been helping individuals and their families struggling with mental health and drug dependency issues for over 20 years, She specializes in working with challenging clients who are abusing addictive substances, engaging in process addictions, experiencing difficult mental health diagnoses, and/or having difficulty maintaining healthy and satisfying interpersonal relationships. As a result of her extensive experience, Sheri has a strong understanding of the importance of the emotional-developmental process, is adept in a wide range of treatment techniques, and will tailor each intervention to the individual client's needs and strengths.  



Art Therapist

Intensive Outpatient Program

of Sovegna (IOPS)

Vickie Morgan has been practicing as an art therapist for over twelve years and is skilled at working with groups and individuals. She has expertise in utilizing art as a therapeutic approach for addressing and treating a broad variety of mental health diagnoses. Her philosophy is to assist the individual to tap into their creative expression through visual media. Through targeted therapeutic activities, she assists clients with deeper understanding and resolution of core therapeutic issues, as well as formulating a deeper understanding of self. She attained her masters of art therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 




Clinic for Recovery (C4R) 

Gabriel Najarian is passionate about uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring others. He has a background in humanitarian aid serving immigrants from Central and South America and contributes to the community as a Spanish medical interpreter for clinics that serve the underprivileged. As a community advocate, he teaches struggling youth emotional regulation and how to build resilience after trauma. He is a talented singer-songwriter, whose artistry is focused on social justice issues and he founded an apparel company with a mission to spread positivity through creating a culture of kindness. His passions will ultimately culminate in his desire to be a trauma-informed psychiatrist.


Nutrition Specialist

Intensive Outpatient Program

of Sovegna (IOPS) 

Pati Reiss is a certified holistic health coach and nutrition recovery coach who specializes in addiction recovery enhancement through targeted nutrition. She is a founding member of The Alliance, which is a nutrition-based approach to recovery. The Alliance is a multi-disciplinary organization, and celebrates its growing national presence. She also has expertise as a nutrition food educator and holistic chef. More about  Pati's work can be found at


Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi Instructor

Intensive Outpatient Program

of Sovegna (IOPS) 

Adam Bedard: has been a champion of truth for as long as he can remember. Through Tai Chi and Qigong, he experienced a tranquility that he had not known since childhood. After six years of practice, he began to understand the power these ancient arts hold. To strengthen his experience, he attended a Vipassana 10 day 110 hour silent meditation, which assisted him with a deeper insight into himself and the functioning of the mind. Additional practice continued to benefit him as he turned inward for understanding. He pursued teacher-training after developing his Yoga practice and continues to follow his path to bring moving-meditation and yoga into Western culture by connecting mind, body, and spirit through the transformative tools of Tai Chi and restorative yoga practice, to develop holistic healing.