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Our vision is to provide effective, individualized, and cutting-edge treatment that targets health, wellness, and sustained long-term recovery from addiction, trauma, and psychiatric concerns. We focus on innovative recovery medicine, integrative psychiatry, therapy, nutrition, and meditative movement that are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused.


Mindfulness is the undercurrent at Sovegna. We believe this is an essential tool for sustained recovery.

Sovegna specializes in providing thorough assessments and exceptional care to understand and meet the specific needs of our clients who are seeking recovery.

  • We strive to crystallize an understanding about the origins and contributing factors that gave rise to an addiction or an addictive process in the lives of each client.

  • We integrate multiple assessment tools, robust interviews, and clinical expertise to optimize personal change and healing by formulating structured and measurable goals.

We begin this process during the initial assessment. We continually refine treatment goals, to target sustained recovery, healing, and restored health. We will also continue to assess for the most appropriate level of care, and we will provide referrals for higher level care treatment if and when appropriate.
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