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Sovegna offers the first professionals-in-recovery Intensive Outpatient Program  (IOP ) in Utah. At Sovegna, we are professionals: our providers are experts in their field and are licensed with specialty training. Our services are built on the latest science of addiction.

At Sovegna, we understand the intensity of your work and how addiction masks and magnifies struggles.


We know: 


  • the value of preserving your reputation and career - for you, your family, and your employer 

  • the importance of your confidentiality and a receiving care in a discreet environment 

  • your need for scheduling flexibility  

  • that covering up your addiction has steep physical and mental health consequences

  • your career can't afford your absence


Our IOP is centered in mindfulness, evidence-based practices and multi-disciplinary clinical expertise. We have synthesized an effective and potent curriculum that enhances the process of achieving sobriety and sustaining long-term recovery. 


IOP services include: 

  • Team of multi-disciplinary addiction-recovery experts who provide thoughtful and constructive assessments and treatment 

  • Innovative curriculum based in mindfulness and wellness and grounded in effective principles of long-term recovery 

  • Therapists with 15+ years of expertise in addiction-recovery and trauma-resiliency approaches to treatment  including group therapy, individual, and couples therapy

  • Art therapy

  • Wellness, including nutrition and mindful movement

  • Small group size  

  • Seamless transition into aftercare follow-up

  • Dual diagnosis provided by Sovegna's founding psychiatrist 

  • Appointments with our internist are available as clinically indicated  


Who we treat: 

  • Athletes (pros and semi-pros) 

  • Attorneys and Judges

  • Doctors 

  • Executives 

  • Accountants

  • Law enforcement 

  • Nurses  

  • Therapists 

Sovegna offers flexibility for treatment in order to meet demands from work and/or travel. 


  • Arrangements to participate in tele-health for group and individual therapy

  • Modifications for experiential programming   

  • Maximum of a total of 2 weeks can be flexed

Typical length of treatment for the IOP is 8-12 weeks; 12-14 hours per week.

IOP may be utilized as supportive transition into the community from a residential level of care.


IOP is ASAM 2.1 level of care


In certain circumstances, Sovegna may recommend an Intensive Individual Program (IIP) to meet particular needs of a client. This program offers the same quality and content of the IOP.  Therapy is completely on an individual basis. Wellness may be a shared experience with other clients in the IOP or IIP program.  

Typical length of treatment for the IIP is 6-12 weeks; 10-11 hours per week.

IIP may be utilized as supportive transition into the community from a residential level of care.


IIP is ASAM 2.1 level of care