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Sovegna founded the first Utah-based

professionals-in-recovery outpatient program.

We understand the intensity of your work and how addiction masks and magnifies struggles. We also know: 


  • That covering up your addiction has steep consequences.

  • The value of preserving your reputation - for you, your family, and your employer. 

  • The importance of receiving care in a discreet and professional environment to protect your confidentiality. 

  • The need for flexibility around your schedule to continue successful treatment.  

  • You can't afford to be absent from your career.


Our program is centered in mindfulness, evidence-based practices, and multi-disciplinary clinical expertise. We have synthesized an effective and potent curriculum that enhances the process of achieving sobriety and sustaining long-term recovery. 

Services include: 

  • A team of multi-disciplinary addiction-recovery experts who provide thoughtful and constructive assessments and treatment. 

  • An innovative curriculum based in mindfulness and wellness and grounded in effective principles of long-term recovery. 

  • Therapists with 15+ years of expertise in addiction-recovery and trauma-resiliency approaches to treatment, including group therapy, individual, and couples therapy.

  • Wellness therapies, including nutrition and mindful movement.

  • Individual and small group therapy. 

  • Psychiatric evaluation.

  • Appointments with our internist are available as clinically indicated.

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Who we treat: 

  • Athletes (pros and semi-pros) 

  • Attorneys and Judges

  • Doctors 

  • Executives 

  • Accountants

  • Law enforcement 

  • Nurses  

  • Therapists 

Sovegna offers flexibility for individual treatment in order to meet demands from work and/or travel, including:

  • Arrangements to participate in tele-health groups and individual therapy.

  • Modifications for experiential programming.   

  • Maximum of a total of 2 weeks can be flexed.


*Intensive Recovery Program (IRP) is an ASAM 1.0 - 2.1 level of care. ​​​

Our services may also be utilized as supportive transition from higher level care, such as residential, back into the community.


Sovegna pioneered the first comprehensive Utah-based

multi-disciplinary Fitness For Work evaluation.

Fitness For Work (FFW) evaluations at Sovegna are designed to comprehensively assess addiction-related problems that have affected or may be affecting a professional’s workplace. The professional is typically mandated to complete an assessment by a professional governing body or an employer.


Our multi-disciplinary assessments are very thorough and include pragmatic and effective recommendations to best address concurrent therapeutic, medical, and psychiatric considerations. Sovegna: 


  • Conducts exceptional-quality assessments by a multi-disciplinary team of skilled providers who have expertise in addiction and related fields. 

  • Formulates comprehensive, multi-perspective evaluations for the professional at any point of recovery. 

  • Establishes comprehensive treatment recommendations to best ensure success with sobriety and long-term recovery. 



  • Consistency of report structure and content 

  • Reliability of report 

  • Comprehensive synthesis of complex issues 

  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary perspectives 

  • Turn-around time 

  • Clinical competency 

  • Accessibility 

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