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Testimonials About Our Services
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9/27/21  Taylor L.


"Six months ago, I found my sanctuary in Sovegna during the most difficult time in my life.  The caregivers that helped me were extraordinary. Doctor Walsh balances immense intellect with being down to earth and engaging.  He went well beyond what I would ever have expected with his care. Katie Quinlan is in the truest sense my angel. I have always struggled with connecting with mental health professionals but from the first moment of meeting her, she felt like the nurturing caregiver I have always hoped for. Katie is energetic, fun, curious, caring, and patient. She’s one of those rare people that radiates love for what they do, and she’s just about perfect at it. 


Sovegna uses cutting edge treatments such as EMDR and ketamine therapy. Ketamine was particularly effective for me. After my treatment, for the first time, I understood the negative experiences that scarred me but felt whole and in a very real sense, healed. My very most sincere thank you to all the people at Sovegna. You are amazing and I will always be grateful for you."

5/10/21 - Sam S.


"Dr. Susie Wiet and the team at Sovegna have truly made a difference in my life. I have spent years trying to find a doctor that listens to my needs rather than prescribe me medications and rush me out the door. Since my first visit, I've had so many deep and meaningful conversations with Dr. Wiet that have helped me look at life differently. I tackle each day with a healthy mind, body, and soul thanks to Dr. Wiet’s care and commitment to helping me feel better about myself and my future".

5/5/21 - Tina B.


"I have been seeing Dr. Wiet for over ten years, and she is honestly the best psychiatrist I’ve seen in more than 25 years. Dr. Wiet goes above and beyond to provide exceptional medical care by examining a person’s whole health profile (blood work, diet, etc.) She is readily available to help in a crisis and is open-minded to a very holistic approach. I will follow Dr. Wiet to the ends of the earth to be in her care. Lastly, her staff is so well organized and communicative with the patients - it is a very caring and compassionate environment. I can’t recommend Sovegna highly enough."

5/1/21 - Kerianda P.


Dr. Susie Wiet and the office at Sovegna are literally life saving! I spent over 15 years going to doctors and specialists, and even the Mayo Clinic out of state to get answers for my health. I wish I could have started here! I would have saved years of pain and thousands of dollars of money! With the methods and knowledge Dr. Wiet has she can help get your mind and health back on track. I can’t thank her enough for giving my kids a mother, my husband a wife, and a hope for a future I couldn’t have without her help. She is a Godsend! If you want to get help physically or mentally I would refer her! She’s literally the best I’ve found! If I could give her 10 stars I would!

5/1/21 - Stephanie W.


"They will take such good care of you here. Everyone is lovely and warm and safe. Coming from someone who doesn't feel safe often especially in psychiatrists offices that means a lot."

4/1/21 - Rebekah K.


"The team at Sovegna work to create a seamless experience. They have the ability to handle tough situations and provide the highest level quality care and hope for recovery. In the mental health world, those are priceless and rare. The holistic approach of Sovegna that includes the latest research and medical supports as well as vital nutritional and therapeutic aids offers an opportunity for healing that few centers can give. Sovegna is ahead of the curve and leading the way of twenty-first century medicine! On a personal note, the care and compassion of the staff are the best I've experienced. And their skill-level is extraordinary."

"I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience we are having with Kim...I feel that she really 'gets'...the subtleties that other therapists have missed...and [because of that is] responding in ways I haven't seen before...I have to thank you; you do such good things." - C.L., Park City, UT

"You have made all the difference in my life. I deeply appreciate all the time you have made to explain things and make the recommendations that have gotten me to a place of health. I have never felt so good and positive." - Hank, Jackson, WY

"Dr. Susie Wiet has incredible breadth of experience and is on the cutting edge in her approach to addiction issues. Sovegna utilizes a holistic approach which brings the best thinking in areas of trauma, mental health, and physical well-being to deliver the highest quality care. Addiction issues are never easy, but Dr. Wiet's leadership at Sovegna brings the best support possible to a difficult journey." - Melissa, Salt Lake City, UT

"I found my experience at Sovegna to be terrific!  Dr. Wiet took time to thoroughly understand the issues I was dealing with. She then came up with a comprehensive plan specifically tailored to my particular situation. Office setting was welcoming, comfortable, confidential and relaxing. Dr. Wiet's team was warm, nonjudgmental, and very knowledgeable.  I felt as though I was in good hands.  Feels good to finally be understood and on my way to healing.  Would definitely recommend!"  - Anonymous, MD

"For over 35 years, I have had chronic inflammation which has caused severe lack of energy.  I have been to countless doctors who helped treat the symptoms but never the root cause.  After meeting with Dr. Wiet, I was impressed with her ability to see the whole picture, both body and mind, and suggested a remedy. After only a few weeks, for the first time in over three decades, I didn't feel the pressure I have felt from chronic inflammation.  I never knew what normal felt like until this.  It has changed my life.  Thank you so much!"  - Stephanie, Herriman, UT

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