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William Walsh, MD
Medical Director
Addiction Services

Dr. Walsh is the Medical Director for Addiction Services at Sovegna. His practice includes treating patients with addiction - stabilizing them medically and biochemically in order to reduce the risk of relapse, suffering, and death during the early recovery period. 


Dr. Walsh treats health issues and medical problems with an eye toward keeping his patients sober. He is an addiction and trauma-informed internist. He collaborates with the integrated team to treat refractory depression and chronic pain and heads our ketamine services. He utilizes a combination of protocols that are considered best practice in outpatient addiction treatment and produces an effective environment for robust, long-term recovery. 


He is an internist specializing in addiction medicine and applies his experience in critical care medicine both to ensure patient safety and preserve the sanctity of the experience. His approach is integrative, and includes acupuncture as well as assessing and boosting targeted nutrients.


He delivers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which may include naltrexone (e.g. Vivitrol), buprenorphine (e.g. Suboxone), and other pharmacologic aids to support immediate and long-term recovery.  MAT is offered together with recovery group therapy, to help patients gain insights and practice skills that will support long-term recovery. 


Dr. Walsh earned an undergraduate BA in Psychology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, then attended Indiana University Medical School, and completed a residency in Internal Medicine with a Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Utah.