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Sovegna, PLLC is a fee-for-service practice. Payment for the programs (IOPS and C4R) are structured as a monthly, all-inclusive fee that is paid in advance for the upcoming month of service. A superbill will be provided at the end of the month for services rendered.

Payment for individual services external to a monthly fee program are requested and expected at time of service (check-in).

We accept cash, check*, and HSA. A superbill will be provided for each visit. Patients may choose to submit their superbills to their insurance company. The superbill contains pertinent procedural and diagnostic information that may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement.

A valid and active credit card number may be kept on file for convenience or automated payment, with your written consent. Such credit card information will be stored electronically and securely on a merchant platform that is HIPAA-compliant and within federal regulations. Only the last four digits of the credit card will be visible.

*a returned check fee of $25 will be applied in addition to cumulative monthly interest charges on the account.


Records that require completion of forms, treatment summaries, letters, etc. may be subject to a fee for that service. The client will be responsible for pay


We recognize that life can demand schedule changes. We are always happy to reschedule individual appointments. We do request a 24-hour advance notice for rescheduling or canceling an appointment. Less advance notice may be subject to the full fee for the appointment.


Discreet care for professionals is central to the philosophy at Sovegna. Treatment records remain protected information (barring a court-ordered subpoena). For clients who may be referred by a professional organization to seek treatment, the Sovegna team will provide a summary of participation and/or progress to the designated entity with written consent by the client.

Communications with external providers, pharmacies, laboratories, etc. are HIPAA- compliant.

This website does not keep information more are the visitors to this website assessed for diagnostics or statistics by Sovegna, PLLC. We do not sell information, nor do we share your information with any entity other than those whom you have specified in signed releases or your insurance company.

A copy of HIPAA policy is accessible to all registered clients through the Elation portal.


The electronic platforms that Sovegna uses are HIPAA-secure and include electronic medical records, billing software, e-prescribing, e-labs, and e-faxes. We encourage communication through the Patient Fusion portal for all registered clients.