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Many people with addiction are also challenged by anxiety, mood, sleep disorders, and attention problems. These conditions can be due to use of addictive substances or were the initial cause of the substance use in an attempt to self-medicate. The combination of psychiatric issues and addiction is known as dual diagnosis.


We offer integrative psychiatric consultation at Sovegna. Stabilizing and optimizing mental health increases function and sustained recovery.



Integrative psychiatry blends principles of traditional allopathic psychiatry and functional medicine.

Functional medicine focuses on pathways of cellular metabolism that are influenced by nutrition, movement, mindfulness, sleep, and emotional regulation. Creating balance among these pillars often leads to:

  • Optimizing health and wellness.

  • Potentially minimizing the number or dosing of medication(s).

  • Potentially resolving psychiatric and related physical health issues.

Integrative psychiatry works best with active collaboration between the provider and client and can assist with healthy and sustained changes in the brain and body.

Trauma - Addiction - Resilience

Violence, trauma, and abuse often result in functional impairment observed in behavior and at the cellular level. These changes are also linked to serious health issues that affect both the body and the brain. This can result in chronic health problems such as psychiatric, cardiovascular, autoimmune, and hormone disorders, as well as addiction, among others. 


Resolving trauma-related symptoms allows for improving function and often healing the neurobiological pathways associated with the long-term effects of unresolved trauma. Integrating therapeutic principles, medications, and functional medicine can optimize healing, allow recovery, and build resiliency.

Collaborating with therapists who are highly skilled in trauma resolution techniques can be a critical part of recovery from trauma and building resilience. Understanding the difference between a therapeutic issue and a psychiatric symptom is essential to provide the most effective treatment and/or combination. This maximizes treatment effect while minimizing medication use.

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