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Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrition Services

Eating for Two: Brain + Gut

Nutrition provides the building blocks for physical and mental health. Healthy foods lay the pathway for the complex functions of metabolism (how the body functions) at the cellular level. Targeted and well-designed nutrition can restore the body and dramatically reduce symptoms of withdrawal and craving.

Individualized nutritional assessment allows for creating an effective, fun, interesting, nutrition plan. The right foods, nutrients, and amino acid therapy are key for restoring health and promote long-term recovery, mental clarity, and physical stamina.

Clients receiving care through one of our programs may schedule a consultation with our seasoned, recovery-focused nutritionist. Family members are welcome. 


Clients enrolled in the professional's Intensive Recovery Program will have integrated nutrition as part of the curriculum.

Meditative Movement

Find Inner Peace

The ancient practices of meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, and yoga continue to flourish as modalities for healing and maintaining wellness of the mind-body-spirit. With continued daily practice, the mind and body are rejuvenated through the rebalancing (homeostasis) of the neurological, hormone, and immune systems (neuroendoimmune system). 

The collective influence of these systems is known as the chakras. As we find balance within ourselves - through allowing the interplay between awareness, emotions, and effective response – we also find ourselves in a state of grace and open to ultimate healing.

Couple Meditating
Balancing Rocks

Spiritual Discipline

Allow your light to shine brightly

We define spiritual discipline as a personal journey into the depths of self by seeking connection with a loving Power that is greater than the capacity of the human-self alone. The practice of spiritual development is well known to increase the deepening experience of self through awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimate surrender, which opens possibilities for restorative healing. 

Principles are non-secular and can be enhanced

by any faith structure. 

Spiritual balance helps improves cognitive clarity, which in turn assists with fundamental skills of discernment. We can then learn the art and safety of segregating needs from wants - electing the needs. This is a core principle that Dr. Wiet has developed for deep healing and sustaining recovery.


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