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Sara Jones, NP

Nurse Practitioner


Holistic Mental Health Care

Equine-Assisted Therapy



Lifestyle Modifications


Meet Sara

Sara Jones graduated from the University of Louisville with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While working as a pediatric ICU nurse, she saw a great need for holistic mental health care. She later went on to achieve her master’s degree as a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner from Northern Kentucky University.

Sara has experience providing mental health care on the Inpatient Adolescent Units at Huntsman Mental Health Institute and outpatient care to people of all ages. She believes in the effectiveness equine-assisted therapy in mental wellness and has practiced it in previous environments.

She is passionate about taking an integrative approach to mental health care. Her goal is to enable her clients to feel great, both physically and mentally. Sara places great emphasis on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and psychotherapy. 

In her free time, Sara enjoys the mountains by trail running, climbing, skiing, and hiking with her two dogs. When not playing in the mountains, her time is spent working with horses.

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