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About Us

Why Sovegna?

At Sovegna, we believe in an integrated, multidisciplinary care approach to healing. We focus on innovative recovery medicine, integrative psychiatry, skilled therapy, restorative nutrition, and meditative movement that are trauma-informed and resilience-focused. This holistic integration leads to an innovated life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide effective, individualized, and cutting-edge treatment that targets health, wellness, and sustained long-term recovery from addiction, trauma, and psychiatric concerns. We focus on innovative recovery medicine, integrative psychiatry, therapy, nutrition, and meditative movement that are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused.

Our Philosophy

Mindfulness is the undercurrent at Sovegna. We believe this is an essential tool for sustained recovery.

We are here for you...

Sovegna provides an innovative outpatient treatment program for recovery - which we define as "recovery from anything."  We are all broken in one way or another until we are in recovery. When medically appropriate, we provide outpatient detox.


We are trauma-informed and resiliency focused - what we coined as TIRF - and know how critical these skills are for sustained recovery. Our goal is to see our clients recover and flourish.

Enjoying the View

Our addiction treatment and recovery medicine services are designed for busy people who are serious about sustained long-term recovery.

Our therapy groups emphasize the

essential skills for forming and

maintaining genuine connection.

Individual therapy assists with

reflective exploration that expedites

insight, healing, and resolution.

We offer integrative psychiatric

consultation at Sovegna. Stabilizing and optimizing mental health increases function and sustained recovery.

EMDR icon.png

EMDR is a well-established and highly effective therapy intervention that assists with healing from traumatic experiences, including those that may be deeply buried and hidden from ourselves.

Our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) protocol combines physician-directed ketamine treatments with expert therapy. The combination of this medication + therapy has demonstrated substantial benefit for our clients above ketamine-only treatment.

Our program is centered in mindfulness,

evidence-based practices, and multidisciplinary clinical expertise. We have synthesized an effective and potent curriculum that enhances the process of achieving sobriety and sustaining long-term recovery. 

Sovegna is designed to facilitate learning that optimizes health. We also offer nutrition, spiritual discipline, and meditative movement classes.

Our Team

Your Expert Team

Our dedicated experts are focused on your recovery and your health. We understand the intensity, demands, and curve balls of life. Addiction, traumatic experiences, and psychiatric disorders mask and magnify how we view and function in our world.

We are licensed, certified & boarded, and have collectively dedicated thousands of

hours in specialty training to best serve you. 

Contact Us

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850 E.  300 S., Bldg. 1, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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(385) 429-9808 phone

(385) 429-9900 fax

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